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The Monadnocker's irresistible content is handcrafted by:

Caroline Tremblay
Wordsmith and nature lover who loves building up small business and community. 

Erin Scollans

Outdoorswoman, adventurer, and down-to-earth storyteller with a great sense of style for the written word.

Sonja Bolton

A local, avid gardener, mother, animal friend, and writer, Sonja is well-versed in rural living and her passion for all things nature sets her storytelling apart.

Sandy Parsons

A Monadnock Region local who loves to try new things, Sandy enjoys traveling, cooking, adventures, boating, gardening and event planning.  

Nathan Bagster

Storyteller, father, classic car enthusiast, local content creator, and contributor to ELF Magazine, who brings a uniquely creative touch to all his works.

Ryan Cashman
Ryan is a writer, father, husband, and homesteader. He lives in the foothills of southwestern New Hampshire with his wife and four children. 

Adam Crellin
Adam is a recent college graduate, a native Bostonian, and a frequent Monadnocker. He finds creativity through his film photography, cooking, and connection with nature, bringing an artistic eye to his writing.