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Boogie Away the Blues

“You think it’s bad every cherry has a pit, but inside a pit is a whole ‘nother tree.” Sound like the philosophical quote of a famous author or scholar? These meaningful (and timely) words are lyrics from the new single “You Ain’t Unlucky” by wildly talented, local musician, Veronica Lewis. With a sound that’s both comfortably old and refreshingly new, her new release promises that an important genre of music is about to see a much-deserved resurgence. 

Boogie Woogie is a swinging style of the Blues that had its heyday back in the 1920s. A hundred years later, the genre has a loyal fan base, as well as a surprising swell of up-and-coming musicians, like Veronica Lewis, who are bringing a new audience to the community. Veronica’s first public performance was only 5 years ago, but she quickly became a star of the boogie woogie stage, winning major awards and performing all over the country. Oh, and one thing I failed to mention about Veronica. She is only 17 (which puts her performance debut at the ripe old age of 12).

But like a seasoned professional, she rocks the piano with music that’s exciting and energetic, yet rhythmically complex and deceptively challenging. Her voice is strong and expressive but with a light and delicate vibrato. She writes lyrics filled with emotion and soul, pairing with music that will force you to dance right out of your seat. In short, Veronica epitomises this contradictory style of music—a little bit of boogie and a little bit of woogie.

“You Ain’t Unlucky” is a brand-new single you can purchase now from your favorite streaming service. Take a look at Veronica Lewis’ website for more information.

Isabella (Boo) Martin, Founder of Stepping Stones Farm and Event Center

"I am Thrilled to start my new business on my family farm this fall. Family members, dear friends, and fabulous event partners are all joining with me to honor our Legacy, Pride and Responsibility as we prepare our new event space to safely welcome guests from far and wide. hope You Begin to envision some of your own dreams taking place inside the gates!"

Baker's Station - Here We Come

Gobbled Up by Robert Tremblay

The team at Baker's Station in Peterborough definitely knows a thing or two about indulgence. When you walk into the shop, you're greeted with a smiling face and a dazzling array of sweet and savory treats. From bagels to breads, cupcakes to croissants, this place always has something to satisfy.

The Breakfast Cupcake is all the breakfast things you dream of (and then some). It starts with a vanilla cupcake that is soft and rich; you can quickly tell it was handcrafted. Vanilla frosting brings the sweetness without overdoing it. A small stack of three mini-pancakes and a side of bacon round out the tasty treat with a drizzle of local maple syrup. Drooling yet?

And if that isn't enough to perk your interest, Baker's Station also has a stellar and creative selection of teas, coffee, and espresso drinks to kick off or amp up your day.

Located conveniently in Depot Square, it's both close to the action, but far enough away to enjoy a nice coffee by the river. They're open Tuesday-Sunday from 8 to 2:30.

Stop by the next time you’re in the mood for something inspired. You'll find sweet and savory pastries made daily, as well as sandwiches on house-made bagels.

Need gluten-free? No problem. Grab a scone, muffin, or whoopie pie (they just perfected the pumpkin!). These items go fast, so call ahead to grab one.

You can also call (603) 784-5653 to order custom pies, cakes, and cupcakes (even vegan). See their AMAZING portfolio on Instagram.

Experience Frida Kahlo’s Garden at the Mariposa Museum & World Culture Center now through Oct. 20!

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Your new favorite chair

I recently had the pleasure of touring the remarkable workshop at Pioneer Chairs with my daughter Clara, where we learned all about the intricate process of handcrafting one-of-a-kind chairs and hassock tables. The pieces themselves are not only works of art, but are durable, portable, and specifically built to weather the elements. They can grace your garden, circle your fire pit, complete your breakfast nook, or provide convenient extra seating to tuck away in case of company (remember company?). Needless to say, they are a must-have for Monadnockers who love local finds.

While he developed the signature chair design his company is now well-known for, his son James helped start the business and eventually designed and built the sprawling 3 story post and beam barn where the chairs are created. Jim’s wife Sandra manages quality control and their daughter Allison helps sell the chairs at festivals all over New England. Even their dog Buster helps out. Well, I guess he doesn’t do much, but he certainly was the highlight of my daughter Clara’s afternoon.

You can find out more about Pioneer Chairs, and purchase your own online here. Check out their social media for updates on new products .

Psssst, right now they're running a special on their Stargazer chair, crafted with Southern Yellow Pine. A great lounger for around the fire pit and a steal at just $99.

Lauren Judd, Executive Director Cornucopia Project

"Fall is the unique time of year that everyone celebrates agriculture in some way while connecting with community and family. The weather may get cooler, but we all feel a little warmer, sitting by our fires with towering plates of healthy, local foods. We grant ourselves permission to slow down and be together in this great abundance. Celebrate fall, local food, and community with us at our online auction to support farm-to-table education for hundreds of students in the Monadnock Region, September 24Th-27th."

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New England “Cide-Car”

This cocktail was created by award winning bartender, Becca Paine (photo by Kelly Fletcher Photography)! Find more about her amazing work at machinarts.org.

Here's what you need to make this cocktail at home:
· 1 Sage Leaf
· 1 ½ oz Cognac
· 1 oz Apple Cider
· ¾ oz Licor 43 Vanilla Liqueur
· ¾ oz Lemon Juice
· ¼ oz Simple Syrup
· Fresh nutmeg to garnish

How to Make It:
Tear sage leaf in half, add to shaker and muddle. Add ice and your remaining ingredients and shake well to chill and dilute. Double strain into martini or coupe glass and garnish with freshly grated nutmeg and a slice of fresh apple! 

Here's to a satisfying autumn sip 😉. Enjoy!


Stepping Stones recently celebrated their grand opening with three guiding words in mind: Legacy, Pride, and Responsibility. Legacy for the family farm now being guided by a third generation. Pride in what the farm can become, and faith in the Journey that brought it here, Founder, Boo Martin, Sends big gratitude and love to the community, for being the beacons that kept things on the right track and for coming together to celebrate. Here's to full hearts and hope for the future!

by Brianna Graves

Answers in the cards

Jeni Archer felt undeniably at home the moment her feet touched New Hampshire soil for the first time in September 2018 on a visit from her home in Texas. By December, Jeni and her family were residents of the Monadnock Region.

One of the first things she checked before they moved was whether there was a metaphysical shop nearby. Luckily, Gaia’s Blessing on Summer Street in downtown Peterborough was within walking distance of her new home. Less than two years later, Jeni is the new owner of Gaia’s.

Jeni works with intuition, accessing the individual energies inherent in all of us, as well as those that surround each situation. Tangibly, this means providing tailored, intuitive counseling sessions, cleansing and clearing spaces of negative energies or entities, and reading tarot.


Tarot is one of many divination tools used to communicate more directly with our Higher Selves. It's a mysterious process with incredible results that allows a tarot reader to be a conduit of the client's energy.

Through a tarot reading, Jeni provides a tangible connection to the intangible that helps her clients develop confidence in listening to their intuition. She also sells tarot card decks in Gaia’s Blessing for clients to practice with on their own. Connect with Jeni via her email, Gaia’s website, or pop into the shop Tuesday-Friday: 10-5 and Saturday: 11-5.

Pioneer Chairs "Stargazer" chair made with Southern Yellow Pine now on sale for $99. Great for lounging by the campfire 🔥.

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Comfort Foods Calling

"One of the great things about moving into fall is that apples are in season," says Ruth Clark, RD. Believe it or not, her go-to autumn recipe for Healthy Cranberry-Apple Crisp (click to download) is low in sugar and gluten-free, making it a delicious dessert for entertaining a crowd. "And it's a terrific way to celebrate the season!" she says.

As a great source of antioxidants, flavonoids, and fiber, apples have been praised as one of the top 10 healthy foods. So making a trip to your local orchard for a day of pick-your own, can have more benefits than just relaxation. 

There's a ton of great info about this power food, as well as many others on Ruth's blog or in her Facebook group, Eating for Balance

Ruth is a seasoned nutrition and wellness practitioner who offers custom designed nutrition programs for individuals and groups. Her core philosophy centers around a holistic, personalized approach to health and healing based on a variety of nutrition therapies including whole foods, tailored supplements and mind-body modalities. 

She also recently published her first book,
Cool the Fire: Curb Inflammation and Balance Hormones, filled with recipes, meal plans, and in-depth personal health insights. Learn more about Ruth's work at ruthclarkrd.com.

For the benefit of hundreds of students throughout the region, Join us to celebrate local food, health, and education. Our online auction is being held SEPTEMBER 24TH-27TH to highlight local food producers and health & wellness professionals, in addition to raising funds in support of Cornucopia Project. We've thoughtfully selected a collection of experiences and treats that will add joy to your life. Thanks so much for joining us, and bring your friends!

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Local Music Pitstop

Looking for a new hobby (bursts into the room singing)? How about something musical?! Luckily, I have recently become a lifelong customer of Rousseau’s Music. I won’t bore you with my epic tale of musical woe, but here are the important parts. I put my trust in a certain internet superstore (let’s call it… Shmamazon) and when shipping became inevitably delayed (not anyone’s fault, pandemics are rough!) I found myself in a “musician’s emergency.” Cue the professionals at Rousseau’s Music in Jaffrey.

Owner Mike dropped everything to help. He researched and called every supplier he knew. He vowed to find the unique guitar I needed and had it shipped next-day delivery. True to his promise, I was strumming the strings less than 24 hours later. In my research for this feature, I found that this level of service is pretty typical for Rousseau’s.

Mostly known for their musical instruction, they provide beginner to advanced lessons virtually and in-house. (They are currently setting up outdoor lessons under a tent!). In their quaint and beautifully decorated store, they carry everything from guitars to woodwinds, drumsticks to reeds and everything in between.


However, the truly special thing about this store is how they treat their clientele. When I had my “musician’s emergency” and Mike was there to help, I asked if he was worried about companies like… Shmamazon affecting his business. He said, “Well, it’s easy for a big box retailer to take away a customer, but it’s very difficult for them to take away a friend.” As a new friend of Rousseau’s Music, I can attest to that. If you’re interested in becoming a friend of Rousseau’s, as a beginner or a seasoned musician looking for a new favorite haunt, check them out here.

"Fall is my absolute favorite season. I'm one of those folks who tries to stay calm and quiet through August, but usually bubbles over with foliage jitters. What I love most is the energy in the air. I can even feel things kick into gear with the small businesses we collaborate with. It's time to tell new stories!"

Caroline Tremblay, Founder of Owl & Pen

Mesmerizing Find by Erin Scollans

Story "Gems"

There is certainly something unique about the handcrafted pieces from Geo-Graphic Gems in Keene. Upcycled from old National Geographic magazines, Geo-Graphic Gems are one of a kind in color, style, and quality. This means that each of these works of art has a hidden piece of history to go along with it! How cool! 

National Geographic is a global staple, with thousands of editions frozen in time, chronicling years of history and beauty. Geo-Graphic Gems creator, Marcia Passos-Duffy, manages to transform these magazines into colorful, marbleized paper, which is ultimately incorporated into earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings, and more. 

Marcia's inventive approach makes her work timeless and easy to treasure. And she also makes it fun to "shop small." 

Fall colors are now making their way into her online store, and you can also get a behind-the-scenes look at her process when you follow along on social

Get Veronica Lewis' brand-new Single, "You Ain't Unlucky," and listen on repeat asap 🤩.

Marveled At by Caroline Tremblay

Time machine Garden

If you are in need of a little magic, escape, or a reminder of all the beauty and fire that’s still out there, as always, Peterborough’s distinctive Mariposa Museum & World Culture Center is where you’ll find it. Currently on display is a traveling exhibition, Frida Kahlo’s Garden, which looks intimately at the life and work of influential artist, Frida Kahlo, alongside that of her artist husband, Diego Rivera.

The exhibit allows visitors to experience the remarkable details of Kahlo’s lifelong home in Coyoacán, Mexico City, which was called Casa Azul or Blue House for its distinctive exterior. (Part of the display even delves into the nuances of Kahlo’s paint choice for the home.)  

“This exhibition offers insights into the ways in which the garden at Casa Azul, the diversity of plant life in Mexico, and the rich cultural history of the country nourished the creativity of the world’s great artists,” writes Mariposa’s Executive Director, Karla Hostetler.

This not-to-miss experience runs through October 20, 2020 with open gallery hours between 11-5 Wednesday to Sunday. Admission is $8 adults, $6 seniors, $5 children (children under 3 free). Call (603) 924-4555 for additional details. 

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Autumn Outlook

Okay, just admit it, local or tourist, we're all suckers for those gorgeous golden leaves that arrive...right...about...now!

If you're looking for a foliage hike that's a blend of moderate trekking, family-friendly terrain, and epic views for a worthwhile climb, look no further than these sweet spots in Swanzey.

The first peak that might pique your interest is Mt. Caesar, a 1.8-mile out and back hike with trail options for all levels. This dog-friendly trek, has nice scenery along the way and big returns at the top. 

Just don't get hung up on your arrival; the parking and trailhead actually stem off the cemetary's main road, almost directly across from the town hall. Find more info here

Another fun climb is Honey Hill (privately owned), which meanders through the forest before picking up some quick height at the finale. Be ready to make a final push before reaching the summit. But if you persevere, the superb view of Monadnock will take your breath away.

This also has a tricky, little parking lot that almost looks like part of someone's yard. However, there is a dirt lot with a marker. Get the details here, and have a great climb!